Lively Update – June, 2015

June, 2015

Dear Friends,

We have re-launched Medical Mobilizers at with a sharp mission of “Mobilizing Resources for Christian Medical Missionaries”.

We are focused on two activities  – COACHING and FUNDING those interested in medical missions. I determined that we can resume this ministry now since we have a funding solution for the ministry and for those we seek to assist in their calling to serve in medical missions.

Your prayers and support are needed as we tackle these immediate goals:
1. Launch Medical Mobilizers Fund.   We plan to offer scholarships especially for Christian students who raise their support for domestic or foreign medical mission work.  This fund will be operational after we gather customers for Stream Energy and Mobile Services

2.  I have decided to dedicate my full time and focus to our Stream business in collaboration with the Medical Mobilizers ministry.

3.  To get re-launched, I have to ask for one-time donations for the ministry budget until we can increase the income from Stream.

4.  Beyond our immediate needs, thirty additional regular donors are needed for the next 12 months. We have a small base of donors to build on but more are needed.  As this plan of growing a funding source develops, donations from donors will not be needed long-term.  FYI, our average gift is $50 per month.

5.  As a non-profit organization, we offer receipts for non-cash donations to liquidate into operating cash.  See Vehicle4Missions on our site for more information.  It was a blessing to quickly sell our first donated vehicle recently within 10 hours of posting an ad on Craigslist.

Coaching4Missions: A ministry role I have had for over thirty years since I was ordained in 1983 is to coach or mentor medical professionals considering medical mission work.  I assist Christ-centered servants and organizations that proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ – who go and make disciples of all nations to further the Kingdom of God.

My Masters of Arts degree in Counseling helps to “encourage and equip servants for works of service” (Eph 4).  I enjoy working with any who are new to medical missions and need basic information. I seek to point someone in the right direction with the right organization and resources for success.  What is exciting now is that we really do have a viable funding solution for us and for those who choose to work with us.

“Encouraging and equipping” Christians who are interested in medical missions is strategic work.  This might involve a young person beginning to discern God’s call for career mission work or a pre-med student seeking to learn about the best option for a short-term medical missions trip to enhance their education, skills and experiences.  It might be someone who is already in a health care career who doesn’t seem to have the time to research their options.  And more.

The point of this update is to ask you to prayerfully consider offering a one-time gift now to help us get re-launched or to become one of the new regular monthly donors needed.  Or both.  We used to have to prime the water pump back on the farm in WV.  That is what is needed now as I resume full-time ministry activities.  Once the pump is primed and we get the funding source of Stream activated, we will have the capacity to proceed to achieve our mission.  This may take a year or so but we are now heading in that direction.

I have chosen to use Stream’s Energy & Mobile Services to help grow the Medical Mobilizers Fund in order to offer scholarships.  Go to to see how much you will save by becoming on or our energy or mobile /cell phone customers.  Our Energy Services are limited to a few states whereas our Cell or Mobile Services is offered in 48 States.  This ministry gains financially every month that you pay Stream for your energy and/or mobile services.

We need your help while we help you. We can assist anyone 18 and older or even retired to become a Stream associate.  Click on Mobile Services on the Stream site and watch a short video in the player that says “Hello”.  You can help us with our mission while you also make some extra income for your own needs (college or retirement funds, homeschool business to teach your kids marketing skills, etc.).  As a Business Mentor, I can help you develop your own Stream business that will be rewarding for you personally and for our ministry.  Call me at 615-238-4035 for more information.

We can help mission minded individuals and couples get started to generate a residual income that keeps growing even after they leave to go to their mission field whether that be a domestic setting here in the USA or in another country.

In a sense, I am like the pilot or the mechanic who keeps the airplanes operating for the missionaries in Africa.  Their financial donors partner with them so they can serve in a support role.  I am pleased to serve in a support role as a fundraiser / coach.  We have something that is needed in most cases – coaching with funding.

I look forward to your response as God leads you to help us with your prayer and financial support.  To offer a donation, please go to the Donate page on our site or simply login to to Send Funds (to a friend) using my email address of   Or a check payable to Medical Mobilizers can be mailed to 2750 Hanover Drive, Thompsons Station, TN  37179.  We issue year-end tax receipts.

Call me at 615-238-4035 if more details are needed.  I would enjoy hearing from you to see how God is working in your life.

Thanks – by God’s Grace,



Eph. 4:11-16

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Medical Mobilizers
2750 Hanover Drive, Thompsons Station, TN 37179
Cell: 615-238-4035