Lively Update – August / Sept, 2015

GOAL – 20 new donors to pledge $50 per month to continue to build capacity for our mission of “Mobilizing Resources for Ministries and Missionaries”.

August /Sept, 2015 Blog

Five key items for your information this month:

1.  Referrals are needed for Stream to develop capacity for Medical Mobilizers.

I am slowly calling on some of you to ask a very important favor. I think we have an important mission of “Mobilizing Resources for Ministries and Missionaries” (Especially Medical Ministries and Medical Missionaries.)  I contend that many times it is the lack of resources that hinders the fulfillment of ministry goals. How many people would be able to act on God’s call for mission work or ministry work if resources were readily available? I have helped to mobilize many individuals for missions and will continue to do so but I am more devoted at this time addressing how to increase resources (funding). That means helping generate funds using the Stream opportunity.  I would appreciate your referrals of anyone, especially missionaries, and even more especially, medical missionaries who I can mentor (train) to become successful Stream associates. Helping anyone now will help us build some financial capacity while we proceed to mentor some medical missionaries to fulfill our mission. Please refer those who have a business mindset and capacity to take on the Stream work.  It is simple as we do some R&R, that is Recommending Stream’s discounted energy, mobile, and protective services to a few customers and then Recruiting others to do the same. I think Stream is also a great home business for home school families. Call me for more details to better understand what I call “Business Mentoring”. One of the best resources I can offer to help explain what the industry offers is called “The Four Year Career” which you can find on our Links page.


2.  New resources recommended on our Links page.  Click HERE for the Links page. 

a.  Medicus Global – telemedicine services provide affordable, convenient, secure access to healthcare 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere.  Low  cost way to secure an Advocate,  Scripts and FileMD   Helps cut down coverall costs and saves you valuable time and money.  Click HERE for more information.  This is the solution for non-emergency health care.

b.  Liberty Health Group
e.  Samaritan Ministries
f.   Basic Utility Vehicles
g.  SEED Liberia
h.  World Medical Missions On Call Magazine
i.   CMDA Marriage Enrichment Weekends
j.   A Missional Life
k.  The Four Year Career


3.  Financial support is needed ASAP.

The process of stepping back into a full time ministry role with Medical Mobilizers is a bit challenging at this time. The plan to develop our income for the ministry and for us personally will take some time. The more people I can mentor / train for Stream work the greater chance I have in earning some leadership bonuses and ongoing residual income. Ultimately, I hope we can help mainly missionaries devoted to medical missions. Until then, I would appreciate your financial support to get this plan developed. To donate to Medical Mobilizers, please go to the Donate page on our website to make a donation using PayPal.   Receipts will be mailed annually.


4.  Save & Give / Power Up Program.

You can make a positive impact every month — simply by paying your monthly bills for energy (electricity and natural gas offered in six states); for protective services in all states and soon, for mobile / cell phone plan services nationally.  During these challenging economic times, we are all looking for ways to support our favorite causes while still being conscious of family budgets.  HIM Fund has partnered with Stream to assist you to help support favorite causes by simply doing something we all already do: pay our monthly energy bills.  The Power Up! Program is an excellent fundraising campaign. We are calling this the Save and Give program to help generate more funds for charities including Medical Mobilizers.  In many ways, this is similar to the Shop to Give affinity program offered by Compassion International, a large child sponsorship ministry based in Colorado Springs, using the popular Amazon Smiles program.  Watch a brief video to learn how you too can Save and Give by clicking on VIDEO which is on the main Power Up Program website.  Let me know if I can help your organization set up this program


5.  Car  needed for second job – driving for Uber.

I have a friend who has encouraged me to drive for Uber as he is doing to increase personal income. You have probably heard of Uber as a taxi phone app that permits drivers to use their personal vehicles. I am ready to sign up and use this job to help supplement our support income. However, I need a newer car and am having a challenge getting a loan or renting a car. I don’t think it is wise to use the car lease program offered by Uber at this time. If you can help with this need, I am willing to rent, borrow, or buy with owner financing or even offer a tax receipt for a donated vehicle so I can get started immediately. Nashville has a lot of events, restaurants, universities and an active international airport that make Uber an attractive transportation option.   Uber has suggested I get a 2005 or newer vehicle. I would appreciate hearing from you about this ASAP.  Thanks.

In Christ,
Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Founder / Executive Director