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Ron Lively serves as Founder / Executive Director of Healthy Initiative Ministries (HIM) dba  Medical Mobilizers and of Switch&Support Funding Plan.
Based near Franklin, TN (USA).

Ron was born on a small rural farm in Green Sulphur Springs, WV.  Hard work on the farm, church activities along with leadership roles in Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4H programs –  all offered valuable leadership development.  After earning a B.S. in Business Administration / Accounting at Concord University in nearby Athens, Ron served for ten years in hospital administration / accounting in four hospitals in WV, SC, GA and MS.   During this time, he started and finished his studies at Reformed Theological Seminary where he earned the M.Div. and the M.A. in Marriage & Family.

During this time, he also served as a chaplain at a Rehabilitation Hospital.  As an ordained chaplain, he served with ministries like the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA.org), The Navigators, and with Medical Mobilizers which is a dba of Healthy Initiative Ministries (HIM).  HIM is an IRS approved 501(c )3 non-profit organization.  Ron continues to work with the Institute for Affordable Transportation / BUV Ministry in Indianapolis.   This is on the web at www.driveBUV.org.  Ron is now involved in marketing the new electric cargo trike called Mobi Hauler on www.mobitrikes.com.

The latest development is called Switch&Support Funding Plan at www.switchandsupport.org with a goal of helping to mobilize support for various nonprofits by inviting their loyal constituents to switch to the services offered by Stream.  Then Stream as a successful company based in Dallas will reward the nonprofit for their development work to acquire those customers who are supporting their favorite nonprofit every month they pay those bills.  This is good stewardship or what is call Cause Driven Marketing.

With this Funding Plan, we generate funds for our own ministry and also for other organizations who adopt this unique funding plan.  At this time, it appears we can best help individuals and organizations with their own Stream business to support their goals for their mission work.  Contact us to participate in helping to develop funding for your organization.

Family:  Ron’s daughter Renee and husband, Craig live in Anderson, SC with their three children. Ron and Penny have four grown children who live in or near Franklin, TN.  Leeann and JJ with their son (John Holden) live in Woodbury, TN.  Josh lives in Huntsville, AL.  Laura and Patrick and their daughter (Penelope} live in Franklin.  Andrew and Justine with her four children (Hayden, Sawyer, Marlana, and Ruthie) live in Columbia, TN.

By God’s Grace,

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
HIM / Medical Mobilizers
Switch&Support Funding Plan
ron@medicalmobilizers.org or ron@switchandsupport.org

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