Understanding Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit

Note:  This Healthy Initiative Study uses the book titled Addiction and Grace by Gerald May, MD.  These guides will be updated occasionally.

Please ask about hosting an informal Healthy Initiative Group Study.  Note that “Addiction” in this study is not limited to narcotic types of addiction.  It is a much broader concept that applies to everyone.    Dr. May offers a definition of addiction in Lesson 5 (G.1)

The aim is to offer these group studies (study groups) to those needing motivation to take the next step in their pursuit of healthier bodies, minds and spirits – what we call “whole person care”.  These study guides which are being developed and uploaded regularly can be used with or without the book by that title by Gerald G. May, MD.   These study guides are offered free of charge by the generosity of our donors and funding from our Switch&Support Funding Plan. Please consider partnering with us by making a financial contribution  on our Partners page to help provide these guides and group studies.  Participants will not have to pay for the group meetings.  Another way to help HIM financially is to go to www.switchandsupport.org to use the services offered (energy and wireless) to generate ongoing support.  Select HIM as your preferred Cause.   Thanks, Ron

Source:  Addiction and Grace by Gerald G. May, M.D. Published by Harper & Row, 1988

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – DESIRE:  Addiction and Human Freedom

Lesson 1.1: Introduction & Repression

Lesson 1.2: The Paradoxes of Addiction

Lesson 1.3: Journey Toward Understanding

Lesson 1.4: Genesis

Lesson 1.5: Addiction and Freedom & G – Attachment and Detachment

Lesson 1.6: Grace

Lesson 1.7: Hope

TBD Chapter 2 – EXPERIENCE:  The Qualities of Addiction

TBD Chapter 3 – MIND:  The Psychological Nature of Addiction

TBD Chapter 4 – BODY:  The Neurological Nature of Addiction

TBD Chapter 5 – SPIRIT:  The Theological Nature of Addiction

TBD Chapter 6 – GRACE:  The Qualities of Mercy

TBD Chapter 7 – EMPOWERMENT:  Grace and Will in Overcoming Addiction

TBD Chapter 8:  HOMECOMING:  Discernment and the Consecrated Life