Biblical Mentoring

We offer “Biblical Mentoring for Making Disciples”. Click on Biblical Mentoring for more information.

We affirm the Biblical command (Great Commission) to “make disciples” who are developing disciple-making disciples.  This is more important and needed today than ever.

I have reworked the Topical Memory System TMS on pocket sized cards with verses broken down in phrases that make memorization much easier. 

As a chaplain ordained in 1983, I continue to serve as a coach, counselor, and mentor to encourage and equip saints for the works of service as directed in Ephesians 4.   We are currently working with non-medical individuals but ultimately, the goal is to work with some health professionals addressing their faith, practice and service.  This may include life coaching for career decisions; discipleship training, mentoring; resources for evangelism, ethics, marriage & family, etc.