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2021 Lively Update

Merry Christmas
December, 2021

I am grateful for each of you as friends – as Messengers of Jesus Christ. I hope you have enjoyed the ministry of The Chosen as much  as I have this year. What a strong proclamation of the Gospel around the world! The way this for-profit film Production Company has raised funds (paying-it-forward) to produce more episodes is impressive. Personally, my love for our Lord has grown as well as my love for His Holy Word as we have strengthened the ministry of Biblical Mentoring as a discipleship-training ministry offered by HIM (a non-profit). Our mission is “mentoring and training individuals to become disciple-making disciples”. (Not just committed spiritually mature disciples but ones who are trained to “Go and make disciples” as commanded in Matthew 28.

By God’s Grace, I was able to mentor / train 15 individuals weekly this year. That is about 400 phone sessions! The best news is that seven of these 15 in training initiated mentoring / training sessions with 15 others they recruited to participate. It is great to write about what has actually happened, not what I hope will happen. The 30 minute phone sessions are offered to participants without charge. To supplement my income, I have been catering group meals for Taziki’s and delivering meals for DoorDash.

My advisors have suggested that I ask for funds (“pay-it-forward”) to continue offering these important mentoring / training sessions. Six participants have “graduated” through the 60 verses (weeks) using the Topical Memory System (TMS) verses of the Navigators. The financial support will be pledged from friends like you who simply want to help keep Biblical Mentoring moving forward. I know we are extending the work of the Church in fulfilling the Great Commission since churches seek to offer mainly small group discipleship training if anything whereas we have the privilege of offering life-to-life training with the Spirit as our teacher. Our method gives a trainee practical experience, added knowledge and increased confidence to mentor / train others.

In addition to continuing to mentor some new trainees, I am currently offering monthly follow-up sessions with those who have graduated and need some mentoring / coaching on a monthly basis. All total, I will be working with each trainee for four to five years if not longer. To have new memory verses, I developed Promises of Hope (POH) which are 36 verses which can be for 9 months if used weekly or for three years if used monthly. The TMS is structured as systematic theology with section themes with subthemes, etc. The POH is a simple system of 36 themes with one verse per theme. I have some TMS memory cards and will soon have some POH memory cards which I will send upon request. The POH list of themes with verses (available on the Memory Verses webpage) was written with a group of cancer patients in mind – to encourage and equip them to encourage other patients in their network. There certainly may be other kinds of health patients in need of this mentoring plus training as well.

Your prayers and financial support are needed now please. It was suggested we seek to raise $50 per session that I have offered already. So, do the math – how many of the 400 or so sessions I am continuing to offer this year are you able and willing to support?
Options: $50 (1 session); $100 (2 sessions); $500 (10 sessions); $1000 (20 sessions), or more.

The easiest way to send funds is to go to the Donate page of (or Or use the form on the next page. At present, the funds received from a few donors equal about 25% of the total of the goal of $24,000. For your benefit, I have added several books with links to the Resources page of the BM website. Click on What We Offer webpage, then on Resources. Lastly, please let me know if you or someone you know would like to benefit from our mentoring / training sessions.

This is certainly a time for Christians to renew their faith in Jesus. His birth was and is the most important even in human history. As a reminder – God (the Father) adopts us once; God (the Son) redeems us once; while God (the Holy Spirit) sanctifies us DAILY.

Use this as your annual receipt. Coordinate with me the amount you gave in 2021:
2021 Total Donations $
2021 Gifts in Kind: $

I am praying we all continue to Know Christ more and Make Him Known more in 2022.

In and for Christ,
Ron /