Lively Update – August / Sept, 2015

GOAL – 20 new donors to pledge $50 per month to continue to build capacity for our mission of “Mobilizing Resources for Ministries and Missionaries”.

August /Sept, 2015 Blog

Five key items for your information this month:

1.  Referrals are needed for Stream to develop capacity for Medical Mobilizers.

I am slowly calling on some of you to ask a very important favor. I think we have an important mission of “Mobilizing Resources for Ministries and Missionaries” (Especially Medical Ministries and Medical Missionaries.)  I contend that many times it is the lack of resources that hinders the fulfillment of ministry goals. How many people would be able to act on God’s call for mission work or ministry work if resources were readily available? I have helped to mobilize many individuals for missions and will continue to do so but I am more devoted at this time addressing how to increase resources (funding). That means helping generate funds using the Stream opportunity.  I would appreciate your referrals of anyone, especially missionaries, and even more especially, medical missionaries who I can mentor (train) to become successful Stream associates. Helping anyone now will help us build some financial capacity while we proceed to mentor some medical missionaries to fulfill our mission. Please refer those who have a business mindset and capacity to take on the Stream work.  It is simple as we do some R&R, that is Recommending Stream’s discounted energy, mobile, and protective services to a few customers and then Recruiting others to do the same. I think Stream is also a great home business for home school families. Call me for more details to better understand what I call “Business Mentoring”. One of the best resources I can offer to help explain what the industry offers is called “The Four Year Career” which you can find on our Links page.


2.  New resources recommended on our Links page.  Click HERE for the Links page. 

a.  Medicus Global – telemedicine services provide affordable, convenient, secure access to healthcare 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere.  Low  cost way to secure an Advocate,  Scripts and FileMD   Helps cut down coverall costs and saves you valuable time and money.  Click HERE for more information.  This is the solution for non-emergency health care.

b.  Liberty Health Group
e.  Samaritan Ministries
f.   Basic Utility Vehicles
g.  SEED Liberia
h.  World Medical Missions On Call Magazine
i.   CMDA Marriage Enrichment Weekends
j.   A Missional Life
k.  The Four Year Career


3.  Financial support is needed ASAP.

The process of stepping back into a full time ministry role with Medical Mobilizers is a bit challenging at this time. The plan to develop our income for the ministry and for us personally will take some time. The more people I can mentor / train for Stream work the greater chance I have in earning some leadership bonuses and ongoing residual income. Ultimately, I hope we can help mainly missionaries devoted to medical missions. Until then, I would appreciate your financial support to get this plan developed. To donate to Medical Mobilizers, please go to the Donate page on our website to make a donation using PayPal.   Receipts will be mailed annually.


4.  Save & Give / Power Up Program.

You can make a positive impact every month — simply by paying your monthly bills for energy (electricity and natural gas offered in six states); for protective services in all states and soon, for mobile / cell phone plan services nationally.  During these challenging economic times, we are all looking for ways to support our favorite causes while still being conscious of family budgets.  HIM Fund has partnered with Stream to assist you to help support favorite causes by simply doing something we all already do: pay our monthly energy bills.  The Power Up! Program is an excellent fundraising campaign. We are calling this the Save and Give program to help generate more funds for charities including Medical Mobilizers.  In many ways, this is similar to the Shop to Give affinity program offered by Compassion International, a large child sponsorship ministry based in Colorado Springs, using the popular Amazon Smiles program.  Watch a brief video to learn how you too can Save and Give by clicking on VIDEO which is on the main Power Up Program website.  Let me know if I can help your organization set up this program


5.  Car  needed for second job – driving for Uber.

I have a friend who has encouraged me to drive for Uber as he is doing to increase personal income. You have probably heard of Uber as a taxi phone app that permits drivers to use their personal vehicles. I am ready to sign up and use this job to help supplement our support income. However, I need a newer car and am having a challenge getting a loan or renting a car. I don’t think it is wise to use the car lease program offered by Uber at this time. If you can help with this need, I am willing to rent, borrow, or buy with owner financing or even offer a tax receipt for a donated vehicle so I can get started immediately. Nashville has a lot of events, restaurants, universities and an active international airport that make Uber an attractive transportation option.   Uber has suggested I get a 2005 or newer vehicle. I would appreciate hearing from you about this ASAP.  Thanks.

In Christ,
Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Founder / Executive Director

Lively Update – July, 2015

Business-Mentoring Logo

July, 2015
One of the Scripture verses I think about every morning is: “This is the Day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it”. (Psalms 118:24) This is the day that I want to clarify the mission of Medical Mobilizers (MM) and to boldly offer what I think or know is a funding solution for missionaries and specifically medical missionaries, ministers and even ministries.

Our mission is “Mobilizing RESOURCES for Christian Medical Missionaries”. Helping others develop funding for mission work via Stream is creatively fulfilling the mission of Medical Mobilizers.

Christian ministries may lose the valued tax exemption status that charitable organizations have enjoyed for about 100 years. This will have a drastic impact on many organizations including the Church but remember the Church functioned well prior to the early 1900s. In some sense, a change may be good for the work and role of the local Church (people of God and His Kingdom) in each community. The non-profits and especially the people they help will hurt the most.

I am re-developing MM mainly because I believe Stream can be our funding solution for this ministry, for me personally, for others, and especially for missionaries to supplement their support. That is, to have the funds for mission work.

One way to do this is what I am calling Save and Give which you can find on our website. This is still the Stream Power Up Program fundraiser. I was impressed with how Compassion Intl offered their version of the Amazon Smiles Affinity Program on a page titled Shop to Give. When Protective and Mobile Services are added to our program, it will be a very powerful way to fund our ministry. Presently if you switch your energy using this program on our site, you will be getting your energy services for less (SAVE) and then Stream sends Medical Mobilizers $4 per customer per month (GIVE). Thus, the reason I am calling it the SAVE and GIVE fundraiser. As a Stream Associate, I can help organizations set up and offer their own Save and Give program.

I will continue to coach some candidates for the right mission opportunity but I am also offering Business Mentoring via the Stream training resources to coach / mentor individuals to work as independent associates to generate their own income. Some will use the funds to offer some extra time for mission work to advance God’s Kingdom.

We can help individuals or organizations make an extra $1,000 per month.  Or per week! Work with me on developing a source of income that can be significant and doesn’t hinder progress to do what God has called all of us to do – work to proclaim the Gospel (good news) of Redemption by the work of Christ on the Cross and thus advance the Kingdom of God.

After ten years providing $7 Billion of Energy Services in six states, Stream started offering Mobile Services earlier this year. The Company started offering city wide business presentation training sessions in July in 25 cities in about 15 states. In the middle of these two months, there will be about 30 cities in 14 states hosting the Super Saturday training sessions from 10 am to Noon on August 1st. You can see the list of cities by clicking HERE.  Now is the time to get your referrals to ask them to take a look at this opportunity.

How do we train? We now have a set of ten training videos by Trey Dyer that are excellent.

What are our new Mobile Services? We offer GSM and CDMA mobile phones and services at great rates. You can find this information at It is fair to say that if you haven’t already taken advantage of a reseller, then you should be able to save up to half on your monthly bills. I was able to drop my cell phone bill more than $50 per month.

FYI, Stream plans to offer internet, home automation and member benefit services in the future.

If requested, I can send you a valuable resource called the Four Year Career – Freedom Edition.
I am asking you for referrals. So in order for you to know what you are referring others for, I will show you a short introductory video. Those we invite to consider Stream won’t be pressured to get involved. We simply offer several exposures to the business plan and move forward if they wish to get their Stream business started.

As associates, we do R & R work. We Recommend our services at competitive prices which are almost always lower. We continue to Recruit by inviting some to take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra income. We even have a FREE Services program where any customer or associate can earn credits up to 100% on their bills simply by referring our services to others who become customers.

Direct Sales Industry is growing daily. Stream is #9 in the top ten list of the Direct Selling Association.

Someone can start their own Stream business on a part-time basis but some do devote full time focus to developing their business. I was led to devote my full time to Medical Mobilizers funded by Stream so for some time, I will be focused on getting my Stream business developed and producing income in order to offer the MM ministries. So truly, helping others develop funding for missions or ministries is fulfilling the mission of Medical Mobilizers.

I am working on strengthening our donor based ministry as well until funding strengthens. My goal is to raise $2,000 monthly. Some of you will hopefully help prime the pump so to speak. One day, as this plan works, we will need only prayer partners. You can donate funds via our PayPal account on the Donate page. We are also taking donated vehicles to liquidate into operating cash for MM. I raise my support now as the director of MM and use my time to promote our mission; network interested individuals for our services; to offer Business Mentoring services to candidates who need additional resources; develop the MM Fund to offer financial assistance where needed, etc.

Personally, I want to work with the growing number of people moving into retirement years but need extra income and something to do with their time, their lifelong network, and their investments.

So now anyone anywhere (especially in certain cities) in need of generating extra funds for whatever … for mission / ministry work, etc. and are willing to be trained and engaged in direct sales (network marketing) of essential home services (energy, mobile and protective services) can develop their own Stream business. Candidates need to have a burning desire to succeed, a willingness to work and be teachable.

Click HERE to see the Stream Associate Presentation Flyer for more details on the Stream Business Plan. Please contact me at 615-238-4035 to get more information or to get started with your own Stream Business.

I hope to hear from you soon. I need your referrals please. Let me show you our business plan. Together, we can “mobilize resources for Christian medical missionaries”.

In Christ,
Ron Lively, Founder / Executive Director

Lively Update – June, 2015

June, 2015

Dear Friends,

We have re-launched Medical Mobilizers at with a sharp mission of “Mobilizing Resources for Christian Medical Missionaries”.

We are focused on two activities  – COACHING and FUNDING those interested in medical missions. I determined that we can resume this ministry now since we have a funding solution for the ministry and for those we seek to assist in their calling to serve in medical missions.

Your prayers and support are needed as we tackle these immediate goals:
1. Launch Medical Mobilizers Fund.   We plan to offer scholarships especially for Christian students who raise their support for domestic or foreign medical mission work.  This fund will be operational after we gather customers for Stream Energy and Mobile Services

2.  I have decided to dedicate my full time and focus to our Stream business in collaboration with the Medical Mobilizers ministry.

3.  To get re-launched, I have to ask for one-time donations for the ministry budget until we can increase the income from Stream.

4.  Beyond our immediate needs, thirty additional regular donors are needed for the next 12 months. We have a small base of donors to build on but more are needed.  As this plan of growing a funding source develops, donations from donors will not be needed long-term.  FYI, our average gift is $50 per month.

5.  As a non-profit organization, we offer receipts for non-cash donations to liquidate into operating cash.  See Vehicle4Missions on our site for more information.  It was a blessing to quickly sell our first donated vehicle recently within 10 hours of posting an ad on Craigslist.

Coaching4Missions: A ministry role I have had for over thirty years since I was ordained in 1983 is to coach or mentor medical professionals considering medical mission work.  I assist Christ-centered servants and organizations that proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ – who go and make disciples of all nations to further the Kingdom of God.

My Masters of Arts degree in Counseling helps to “encourage and equip servants for works of service” (Eph 4).  I enjoy working with any who are new to medical missions and need basic information. I seek to point someone in the right direction with the right organization and resources for success.  What is exciting now is that we really do have a viable funding solution for us and for those who choose to work with us.

“Encouraging and equipping” Christians who are interested in medical missions is strategic work.  This might involve a young person beginning to discern God’s call for career mission work or a pre-med student seeking to learn about the best option for a short-term medical missions trip to enhance their education, skills and experiences.  It might be someone who is already in a health care career who doesn’t seem to have the time to research their options.  And more.

The point of this update is to ask you to prayerfully consider offering a one-time gift now to help us get re-launched or to become one of the new regular monthly donors needed.  Or both.  We used to have to prime the water pump back on the farm in WV.  That is what is needed now as I resume full-time ministry activities.  Once the pump is primed and we get the funding source of Stream activated, we will have the capacity to proceed to achieve our mission.  This may take a year or so but we are now heading in that direction.

I have chosen to use Stream’s Energy & Mobile Services to help grow the Medical Mobilizers Fund in order to offer scholarships.  Go to to see how much you will save by becoming on or our energy or mobile /cell phone customers.  Our Energy Services are limited to a few states whereas our Cell or Mobile Services is offered in 48 States.  This ministry gains financially every month that you pay Stream for your energy and/or mobile services.

We need your help while we help you. We can assist anyone 18 and older or even retired to become a Stream associate.  Click on Mobile Services on the Stream site and watch a short video in the player that says “Hello”.  You can help us with our mission while you also make some extra income for your own needs (college or retirement funds, homeschool business to teach your kids marketing skills, etc.).  As a Business Mentor, I can help you develop your own Stream business that will be rewarding for you personally and for our ministry.  Call me at 615-238-4035 for more information.

We can help mission minded individuals and couples get started to generate a residual income that keeps growing even after they leave to go to their mission field whether that be a domestic setting here in the USA or in another country.

In a sense, I am like the pilot or the mechanic who keeps the airplanes operating for the missionaries in Africa.  Their financial donors partner with them so they can serve in a support role.  I am pleased to serve in a support role as a fundraiser / coach.  We have something that is needed in most cases – coaching with funding.

I look forward to your response as God leads you to help us with your prayer and financial support.  To offer a donation, please go to the Donate page on our site or simply login to to Send Funds (to a friend) using my email address of   Or a check payable to Medical Mobilizers can be mailed to 2750 Hanover Drive, Thompsons Station, TN  37179.  We issue year-end tax receipts.

Call me at 615-238-4035 if more details are needed.  I would enjoy hearing from you to see how God is working in your life.

Thanks – by God’s Grace,



Eph. 4:11-16

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Medical Mobilizers
2750 Hanover Drive, Thompsons Station, TN 37179
Cell: 615-238-4035