MEDICAL MOBILIZERS seeks to fulfill a mission of
“Mobilizing Resources for Ministries & Missionaries”

Thanks for checking out our website and services.  I am Ron Lively, founder and director of Medical Mobilizers.

As a mobilizer, I serve these roles:
*  Medical Missions Mobilizer  (with members of MedicalMissions.com Network)
*  Financial Resource Mobilizer (for ministries and missionaries with Stream)
*  Health Care Sharing Mobilizer (primarily with Samaritan Ministries Sharing Plan)
*  Virtual MD Mobilizer (with Stream’s new Protective Service – Virtual MD)

Summary:  Our mission is “Mobilizing Resources for Ministries & Missionaries”.  We mentor or coach individual missionaries to get connected with the right mission organization / trip that fits their skills and preferences.  We are intentional about working with medical ministries and missionaries engaged in medical and dental mission work.  However, we will assist most ministries, non-profit organizations and individuals asking for assistance.  

We can help set up some developments to assist those who wish or need to  become more self-funded in order to offer a more effective domestic or foreign ministry.  We are Christ-centered in all we do.  

We offer BUSINESS MENTORING and FUNDING SOLUTIONS (Resources)  for ministry budgets and for missionary support budgets.  For ministries, we offer a website based affinity program similar to the popular Amazon Smiles fundraiser.  Ours is called Power Up Program which I have renamed as the Save & Give Program. See our Save & Give page on this site.  

I can help you better understand the Health Care Sharing Plans and coach you to switch from traditional health insurance to a sharing plan.  

Lastly, I can help you enjoy the great benefits of Virtual MD – a tele-medicine option that saves you time and money with non-emergency health needs.  

Stream  is the provider for our Power Up Fundraiser Program and for the Mobile, Home and  Protective Services.  Stream began in 2005 with a simple, innovative idea—selling energy by word of mouth.  As an Associate, we are providing real hope as we encourage and equip Saints to go and provide eternal hope with physical relief domestically or in other countries faced with the outcomes of disasters.  Click on Stream page on the main menu or on www.lively.mystream.com if you wish to help us generate funds with your normal essential home services.   You can be a customer and help us generate funds for our MM Fund to be used to help others or I can mentor you to consider the opportunity to raise funds for your own budget or outreach ministry.

Business Mentoring  –  The goal is to provide scholarships for medical missionaries to develop their own online Stream business (funding solution).  We aim to help those who work with trusted domestic and foreign medical missions organizations.  We can set up our Save & Give fundraiser for the organizations.  For approved medical mission organizations, we will work mainly with those listed in the Medical Missions Network at www.medicalmissions.com.

Are you retired but not yet too tired?  We invite retired folks to help us achieve our mission.  Help missions and ministries proclaim the good news of redemption eternally possible only by faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Together we can provide hope that goes beyond restored health in our physical lives.

Please contact Ron at 615-238-4035 or email  ron@medicalmobilizers.org to learn more.


By God’s Grace, 




Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.

Founder / Executive Director
Medical Mobilizers

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