“Mobilizing Health Professionals in their Faith, Practice and Service” 

We are a Christ-centered 501(c)3 non-profit ministry officially registered with the IRS in 1996
as Healthy Initiative Ministries (HIM) currently dba Medical Mobilizers.

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We have two missions:

1.  Medical Discipleship, i.e., Mobilizing  Health Professionals in their Faith, Practice and Service, i.e. “Mentoring / Coaching / Discipleship / Counseling”.  As a chaplain ordained in 1983, I continue to serve as a coach / counselor / mentor to encourage and equip health professionals and others in their faith, practice and service.  This may include life coaching for career decisions; spiritual discipleship or mentoring; resources for evangelism, ethics, marriage & family, etc.

I have written 12 study guides for Essentials of Discipleship.  My preference is to personally disciple one person from your fellowship or organization with the plan that we have in place for multiplication.  Each person trained signs an agreement that they will proceed immediately to train another person willing to be disciples / trained.  To clarify, medical discipleship is simply using the same, general material that I use with anyone, but with medical professionals of any specialty.

I have also reworked the Topical Memory System TMS on pocket sized cards with verses broken down in phrases that makes memorization much easier.  You will find these 60 verses in five sections with the sub-themes at Topical Memory System.

I am also writing some Study Guides for some favorite books starting with In His Image by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey. These are detailed two page summaries of each chapter and includes discussion questions.  They can be used with or without the books.  For sure most of the content is taken from the author / book but I do add some of my thoughts and stories.  Dr. Brand was one of my mentors while living and continues now as a mentor as an award winning author.  I have written the first 8 guides and proceeding to work on more.   I am now working on the study guides for Addiction and Grace by Dr. Gerald May.  These are the teaching curricula I use for several one-on-one or group meetings each week. Click on the Study Guides tab to access these summaries for personal or small study groups.  They are offered free of charge with the encouragement of a free-will donation.  Please see our Donor page to help provide these resources free of charge to others.

2.  Mobilizing Support for Charities using  our Switch&Support Funding Plan.    To help fund our own nonprofit ministry while seeking to support other participating organizations with great causes, we have developed a plan called the Switch&Support Funding Plan.  See our Switch&Support tab or go to  www.switchandsupport.orgYou can select your preferred organization (most are nonprofits and most are ministries) for us to support after you select, use and pay for the Energy and Wireless services being offered by this funding plan.  The goal is to have most of the funding we need for Medical Mobilizers from this program.  


Other Projects:
I have some other commitments / projects / developments.  I have been involved in the BUV Ministry for several years.  This unique off-road vehicle is offered by the Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT) in Indianapolis.   I am grateful God has used my skills to help promote the BUV mission which is “Providing Hope, Connecting People, and Transforming Lives” with the vision “To create rural transport solutions which allow the poor to thrive in Africa and beyond”.  We have seen this rugged vehicle become a solution to improve the effectiveness of medical mission work in rural Africa and other countries where lack of adequate transportation directly affects the delivery of necessary health care. To learn more, go to  www.drivebuv.org.


Well, one thing leads to another as they say.  I have been asked to help develop a new division of IAT / BUV for what we are calling MobiTrikes which can be found at MobiTrikes.com.  This unique electric cargo trike that we call a MOBI Hauler can haul 300 hundred pounds of cargo on a bed with strong springs / suspension.  Our slogan is that the Mobi Can Haul It.  Here is a drawing of the Mobi Trike:


Image-001 (1)

There is nothing exactly like this on the market for a price of $2995.   The vision is to generate sales in the US for additional income to advance the BUV work and then seek to find ways it can be of value in countries where it too can create transport solutions which allow the poor to thrive in Africa and beyond.  We are taking  orders now as well as searching for the unique markets for this valuable resource.  We know this Mobi Hauler will be of value as a strong cargo trike in manufacturing factories, zoos, colleges, etc.

I can be reached at 615-238-4035  or you can leave a message at 615-538-4523.  Email me at  ron@medicalmobilizers.org or ronwlively@mail.com

By God’s Grace, 


Ephesians 4:11-13 (Encouraging and Equipping the Saints for Works of Service)


Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Founder / Executive Director
HIM – dba Medical Mobilizers


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