Biblical Mentoring

We offer “Biblical Mentoring for Making Disciples”. Click on Biblical Mentoring for a description and instructions for this mentoring plan.

We affirm the Biblical command (Great Commission) to “make disciples” who are developing disciple-making disciples.  This is more important and needed today than ever.

We offer two Phases:
Phase I:  Scripture Memory plus Chapter Study using 30 minute weekly phone calls. Phase I involves memorizing one of the 60 verses in the Topical Memory System (TMS) produced by the Navigators for each weekly call. 

I have reworked the Topical Memory System TMS on pocket sized cards with verses broken down in phrases that make memorization much easier.  You will find these 60 verses in five sections with the sub-themes at Topical Memory System.

Click HERE for our TMS Order Form for our unique version of these memory cards (60 verses using NIV).

Phase II: Essentials of Discipleship: This is a study of the book titled Essentials of Discipleship written by Francis Crosgrove using my study guides and Section D of the Topical Memory System (TMS).   My preference is to personally disciple or mentor one person from a fellowship group, church or organization with the plan that we have in place for multiplication.  Each person who participates signs an agreement that they will proceed immediately to train another person willing to be discipled / trained.  To clarify, we use the same general training material with both non-medical individuals and medical professionals.  The discussions are tailored to the individual’s life and needs.

As a chaplain ordained in 1983, I continue to serve as a coach, counselor, and mentor to encourage and equip saints for the works of service as directed in Ephesians 4.   We are currently working with non-medical individuals but ultimately, the goal is to work with some health professionals addressing their faith, practice and service.  This may include life coaching for career decisions; discipleship training, mentoring; resources for evangelism, ethics, marriage & family, etc.