Essentials of Discipleship

These guides accompany the book titled Essentials of Discipleship by Francis M. Cosgrove, Jr.
Published by Roper Press, Dallas, TX , 1988.

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Topical Memory System (TMS)

Chapter 1:  What is a Disciple?

Chapter 2:  The Disciple is a Learner

Chapter 3:  The Lordship of Jesus Christ

Chapter 4:  Purity of Life

Chapter 5:  Devotions and Prayer

Chapter 6:  The Importance of the Bible

Chapter 7:  The Primacy of Evangelism

Chapter 8:  The Church and the Body Life

Chapter 9:  Christian Fellowship

Chapter 10:  The Disciple is a Servant

Chapter 11:  The Ministry of Giving

Chapter 12:  The Fruit of the Spirit