Save on Energy, Mobile & Protective Services while Supporting Us

You have the POWER today to help generate monthly income for our ministry from your residential or commerical energy or mobile services.  Enjoy Stream’s competitive rates for electricity and natural gas services in several States and for mobile (cell phones and plans) as well as our protective services in 48 states.

Click on the Stream logo here …Stream Logo (New).

Then choose either Energy or Mobile Services then click on Request Service.  Note that our Protective Services are at the bottom of the home page.  Stream is planning to offer additional home services in the future.

This program is similar to the Amazon Smile Affinity Program but much better especially since the commissions are residual (monthly) as long as you stay a Stream customer.  And because Stream offers a FREE Services program.  Just sign up for energy or mobile services and refer it to some friends.  For more info, go to

During these challenging economic times, we all are looking for ways to support our favorite causes while still being conscious of family budgets.  We have an account with Stream and are using this as a means to generate funds while customers do what they do regularly – pay their electricity and natural gas energy bills and now their mobile (cell) phone bills.

Stream pays us monthly commissions ($4 / month /active customer)  when you Request Service to switch electricity or natural gas service or mobile services through

The funds generated helps to provide funds for the Medical Mobilizers Fund to help “mobilize resources for medical missions and other missionaries”.  IMPORTANT:  We can help anyone doing regular mission work to use STREAM as a way to supplement their donor / financial support.

This is an excellent fundraising campaign for us and for other organizations we can assist with this program because everybody uses energy and mobile services already.  The commissions we receive are paid monthly for the duration of your relationship with Stream as a provider. You will save or there is no reason to switch services unless you simply want to support us this way.  We benefit every month that you use Stream Services.

You can help support Medical Mobilizers today without costing you anything.  Go to Ron’s Stream site at STREAM and switch your energy accounts in selected states or your mobile phone plan to one of our GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Sprint) plans.

FYI, we offer two options if you wish to consider using this program to raise funds for yourself or your own organizations.  For details about these two options, click on Stream’s Two Funding Options.

Thanks for your support in this way.

Summary: You can usually save monthly on your energy costs while generating a monthly donation from Stream Energy to our non-profit organization.  Presently Stream offers Energy services in TX (electricity only), GA (natural gas only), and in several states in the Northeast which are MD, PA, NJ, NY and DC (electricity and gas options) and NOW we have mobile services nationally in 48 States.    We offer GSM via AT&T and CDMA via Sprint.   We appreciate your support with this affinity program.  Contact Ron if you wish to request this affinity program / fundraiser for your organization.  Ph:  615-238-4035 or email:  You can find necessary information by clicking HERE.


IMPORTANT:  We offer Business Mentoring with STREAM to help anyone in any kind of mission work.  We offer our fundraiser to organizations.  All they do is help customers save on their energy service or mobile (cell) service.


Additional Information: 

The vehicle to generate funds to support the Medical Mobilizers Fund is STREAM which began in 2005 with a simple, innovative idea—selling energy by word of mouth.  In doing so, we are providing real hope as we encourage and equip Saints to go and provide eternal hope with physical relief domestically or in other countries faced with the outcomes of disasters.

Stream is a highly successful company based in Dallas that created a unique position in a crowded marketplace, quickly becoming the largest direct selling energy company in the world.  Stream is now taking the same business model, as well as the culture, experience and resources it has built as a company over the last decade to launch into a nationwide market and providing a whole new service to 10 times as many potential customers with Mobile by Stream.

We can invite you or your organization to become a Stream Associate to help you earn additional income while you help generate additional funds for our scholarship fund.  We can set up additional accounts / fundraisers for other organizations to help them generate additional funds.

Stream’s main company site is to see if you would like to consider the opportunity to help yourself and our ministry financially.

Built on value, trust, and simplicity, Stream will continue to innovate and bring services that keep customers connected to the important things in life—their family and home.

The Process:
Individuals seeking to help support this Fund will be invited to become Stream Associates and benefit from Ron’s mentoring / coaching.  We can effectively leverage our time with your contacts to make this work for all of us including generating the funds to develop this medical missions fund.  Working on Ron’s Stream Team will generate personal funding for you to consider using to grow our Missions Fund.

Again , to get started,  just click on this banner.  Then click on what you wish to do.

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