Talking Points

(Talking Points for Prayer & Financial Partners)

Having already asked someone to walk though an overview of our website, here are some suggested talking points to address our needs for this ministry….


1. Thanks for taking a few minutes today to get a quick overview about Medical Mobilizers. Please interrupt me with your questions or comments at any time.

2. My goal is to introduce or re-introduce you to Medical Mobilizers – to tell you about our ministry goals.

3.  We have re-launched this ministry now with a sharper focus on helping to  “Mobilize Resources for Ministries and Missionaries”.   My role involves “Mentoring / Coaching and Funding”.

4.  The main motive is to support Christ-centered servants and organizations who proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ – who go and make disciples of all nations – to further the Kingdom of God.  If possilbe, we want to especially assist Christian Medical Ministries and Medical Missionaries but certainly open to helping general ministries and missionaries.

5. Some historical perspective:  I have been coaching medical professionals, especially students, for over 30 years since being ordained in 1983. After working in hospital admin / finance for ten years, I served as a chaplain / regional director for Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) for over ten years.  During that time, I also served as the budget director for CMDA’s Medical Group Missions (MGM) that was the largest short-term medical mission agency in the world at that time. We took 2500 volunteer participants to over 25 countries annually.  I was fortunate to go on several trips to about six countries.  Later we served on staff of the Navigators (Physicians Outreach) in Colorado Springs. After that, the Navs set us up to offer Medical Marriage & Family Ministries which then became Medical Mobilizers.  For various reasons, I took a different direction and then put that ministry on hold while serving on loan to some other ministries.  It is now time to re-activate Medical Mobilizers.

6. Moving forward — If you are new to Medical Missions, you may not know about the annual Global Missions Health Conferences at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville in early November each year and their valuable website at   Annually, 2500 or more health professionals and support people attend with hundreds of students coming to what is now the largest medical missions conference in the world. This organization has a growing network of over 6500 people from 200 countries and 420 or more organizations that are related to medical missions in one way or another.

7. So….now we have more work to accomplish. What I have seen is that more and more students are being presented with the opportunity to hear God’s call for either a short term service opportunity or for a career as a medical missionary. However, some of these students usually don’t have a coach or mentor to help them discern which opportunity to consider or how to find a funding solution. That is the role that our ministry offers.  Actually, finding a funding solution to support those going on mission trips is why we are re-launching now.

8. If  needed, I can provide some ideas how we will select qualified organizations and individuals in need of scholarships from our Fund once it is funded. (For example, for domestic (US) opportunities, we could offer scholarships for those interns working with Resurrection Health in Memphis, TN with my friend whom I know and trust – Dr. Rick Donlon.  There are many organizations in the Medical Missions Network that offer foreign mission work that I know and trust. )

9.  We have found a viable solution for funding the Medical Mobilizers, our proposed Fund and even individual missionaries.  We are inviting everyone to consider the energy and mobile services offered by Stream.  You will save on your energy and mobile phone services while helping to fund this ministry to help coach and fund Christian medical missions and missionaries.  Click on the STREAM page on the main menu bar.   I offer Business Mentoring which is coaching on how to generate your own resources for mission work.  I can help organizations develop what I am calling the Save and Give (Power Up) Affinity Program as a fundraiser for the organization. I don’t anticipate asking donors for donations for our MM Fund but we need and will use donations from our Prayer and Financial Partners for the Ministry Budget.

10. I appreciate your time to present this overview as we move forward.  Let’s stop here and see if you need clarification or if you have questions or comments or want more information.

When is a good time for us to talk again or should we keep talking now?
Will either ______or_______work?
What time? Will ______or _______work?



1. We have found a viable solution for funding the Medical Mobilizers Fund but we need donations to support the Ministry’s Budget.

2. My challenge now is to raise up more prayer and financial partners as we have only about 10% of our support raised.  Will you please pray if God will provide through you the resources to support us and our outreach?  Our average donation is $50/month.

3.  To re-launch this ministry now, we also need to raise one-time gifts. 

4.  We need a base of support that we can depend on but personally, I like the concept of inviting people to make a faith promise. This is when you promise to give from additional funds that God provides above your regular income.

5.  Are you able to make a pledge for at least 12 months?  Take a quick look at the Donate page on our site. We have chosen to use PayPal which is the easiest way to invite someone to contribute either on a one-time basis or on a regular basis. (Choose sending money to a friend).  The email to use is

6.  Also, don’t forget to check on the rates for energy and mobile services on the Stream tab.  Every penny helps especially if it accumulates on a ever increasing residual / regular basis.

Thanks.  Ron

To contact me for more information, call 615-238-4035 or email

Prepared by:
Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Executive Director –
615-238-4035 or