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We have adopted  what we call the Save & Give cause marketing / affinity program to help generate additional funds for PCI and Medical Mobilizers (HIM).  As a customer, you SAVE on your essential home services and then Stream will GIVE to the ministry funds (commissions) for operating costs.  Simple and easy.

This program is using the expanding Stream services which now includes Energy (electricity or natural gas services in six states):  Mobile (phone and plans) offered nationally; Protective and Home services offered nationally.  These essential home services include Roadside Assistance, Virtual MD or a tela-medicine service, Identity Protection, Credit Card Monitoring, Tech Support,  a Smart Thermostat and a Digital Voice / internet based home or office phone service.
You can make a positive impact every month in supporting us by simply paying your monthly bills for the energy, mobile, protective and home services offered by Stream that you get on our website.  Click on the Stream banner above or the Sign Up Now banner below to investigate how much you can save with Stream services and to help support us.
For other organizations offering additional Ways to Give on their website:  Any organization choosing this fundraiser from us will be rewarded for marketing efforts similar to how organizations benefit from the popular Amazon Smiles affinity program.   An example of this is found at for the BUV Ministry in Indianapolis, IN.  My Stream site is an example of how this cause marketing works for an individual for personal needs or as a missionary generating the financial resources to pursue or continue ministry work.

What is cause marketing?  I would encourage you to learn more at   Today, companies have fully embraced what is called “doing well while doing good.” Cause-related marketing may eventually become the primary way that businesses express their social responsibility.  The growth of cause marketing has exploded, from a $120 million industry in 1990 to $2 billion in 2016. Plus consumers seem to like it. Research has suggested that more than 89 percent of consumers would switch brands to buy a cause-related product if price and quality were similar.  (What Every Nonprofit Should Know About Cause Marketing).

During our struggling economic times, we are all looking for ways to support our favorite causes while still being conscious of family budgets.

The commissions we receive are paid monthly for the duration of the customer’s relationship with Stream. There’s no extra out-of-pocket cost for you, and we benefit on an ongoing basis every month.

Enrolling for service is very easy: sign up, save on your bill thus generating funds for our favorite charities.  Click on Join Stream on our website.

In many ways, this is similar to the Shop to Give affinity program offered by Compassion International, a large child sponsorship ministry based in Colorado Springs, using the popular Amazon Smiles program.  You can see this on the Compassion site at

It’s in your power to help. Can we count on you?

We are offering hope and resources to other networking individuals as well.  You can watch a Businenss Plan Presentation on our site when you click on Load Other Videos.  When we sign up an organization for the Shop to Give affinity program, their main focus is on acquiring customers for the services.  When we sign up individuals, their main focus is acquiring a few customers and then recruiting and training others to do the same.  Both types of activities generate resources ideally for some great causes / missions or simply to support the monthly budgets or achieve some specific goals like keeping one’s spouse home with the kids or to start a college fund or help elderly parents or buy a car or boat, etc.

 Call for assistance or more information.

To learn more, go view or download my file in my Drop Box (Save & Give Fundraiser Presentation). Note:  this was built for the Stream Power Up program that is limited to Energy services in six states. 

 Click HERE to get some specific instructions on the S&G Set up page.

Click on this Sign Up banner and then click on Get Services to start saving and giving at the same time.  Click on Join Stream to start your own funding program either as an individual or organization

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For more information, contact:

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Stream – Managing Director