Samaritan Ministries

Personal comments by Ron Lively –

What is this health plan?  Samaritan Ministries is a very effective health care sharing ministry involving nearly 63,000 households of faith sharing over $23M of real medical costs per month with fellow members (Christians / members of a local church).

How does it work?  This health sharing plan is exempt from the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare. That is, with this plan, you will not be taxed a penalty.  You do not have to enroll in the Exchanges.   This was established prior to the creation of the ACA.  This health sharing plan is practically opposite of regular insurance.  There are far less restrictions.  Keep your own doctor for sure.  There is a small $300 out of pocket for the first three claims you file per year.   In other words, members cover all of the bills below $300 for the first three incidents.  After those first three, 100% of your bills are considered for sharing (reimbursement).  This effective plan also promotes preventive health care.  It gets even better.  You can get unlimited coverage  if you agree to provide a 13th month type of payment when needed. This is called Save to Share as you will see below.   You might be asked for part of this amount as needed.   This is radically better than traditional insurance in many ways.  In SMI, participating members simply trust fellow Christians / Church vs Insurance Companies to offer spiritual prayers, counsel, and funds.


What is the cost?   Here are the CURRENT MONTHLY SHARES.
Or you can go to  The most updated rates are on the SMI website.

There is a start-up administrative fee of $200 when joining (or re-joining) the ministry.

Members of the basic ministry agree to share expenses incurred for medical treatments specified in the Membership Guidelines. The amount of the monthly share is based on household size (see chart below), regardless of your medical history, age, or other factor.

Membership Type Monthly Share
One person $220
Two person family $440
Three or more person family $495
Widowed or divorced with children $305

Any proposed increase in these amounts is presented to the members for a vote.

Young Adult Share

The monthly share is reduced when one or both of the heads of household are age 25 or younger.

Membership Type Discount Monthly Share
One person $40 $180
Two person family $80 $360
Three or more person family $50 $445
Widowed or divorced with children $50 $255

 Save to Share™

Save to Share™ is a ministry for those who wish to share in the medical needs of others members that exceed the $250,000 publishable amount. Save to Share™ members are asked to set aside the designated amount for their household size (see chart below). They do not send the amount set aside to Samaritan Ministries.

When a Save to Share™ participant has a need that exceeds the $250,000 maximum publishable amount of a regular need, the other Save to Share™ participants will be asked to share from their set-aside funds for the amount over $250,000.

Membership Type Yearly Set-Aside
One person $133
Two person family $266
Three or more person family $399
Widowed or divorced with children $266

Any proposed increase in these amounts is presented to the members for a vote. The annual administrative fee is $15 for any size membership.

As a member of the Faith Community, how do I apply?  Go to  Download an Informational Packet for more information.

Important – Use referral code “Ron Lively” when joining this growing Health Sharing Plan.  Call Ron at 615-238-4035 for more information.  I can coach you through the process to trust God and fellow Christian families with your health care needs.  This is ASSURANCE vs. traditional INSURANCE.  We have trusted this kind of a health sharing plan since 1996.

What do people think of this non-traditional health sharing plan?  

“When we joined Samaritan Ministries two years ago, it felt scary to step away from health insurance (even though we were paying high premiums and deductibles).  Little did we know that God would take  us on an incredible faith walk –learning to trust Him with everything in our lives, including health care needs.  To God be the glory for how He works in our lives!  And for how He knits us together as His Body.”  –Paul and Kelly Burfeind, Fountain City WI

“When we joined Samaritan we weren’t sure what to expect.  We immediately enjoyed mailing our monthly share directly to a person or family in need and praying for them.  We also enjoyed the newsletter and were impressed with the quality and Christ-centeredness.  But now that we have had a need published, we are sold on Samaritan 100 percent!  Receiving all of the monthly shares with notes and prayers was amazing!  We took great joy in knowing our pregnancy and child-to-be were being prayed over by brothers and sisters from all over the country.”  – Kyle and Nicole Ball,   Sandy, OR

How do I get more information?
 Again, go to or call Ron Lively at 615-238-4035.  Or email with your questions.  I have served as a healthcare chaplain for over 30 years.

IMPORTANT:  Again, please use my name – Ron Lively as the source of referral on your application.