Phase II: Essentials of Discipleship

These guides here accompany the book titled Essentials of Discipleship by Francis M. Cosgrove, Jr.  Published by Roper Press, Dallas, TX , 1988.

The study guides for Essentials of Discipleship are intended to be used with a study of the book by that title.  Do a google search for a used copy which you need to obtain for the person you train / disciple.  These study guides below and the scripture memory cards are offered free of charge by the generosity of our donors and funding from our Switch&Support Funding Plan. You will find all 60 verses in the TMS memory cards on Topical Memory System.  Please consider partnering with us by making a financial contribution  on our Partners page to help provide these for others in need.  Another way to give is to go to to use the services offered to generate ongoing support.  Select HIM as your preferred Cause prior to switching services.  Thanks, Ron

EOD Outline

EOD Agreement (Signed agreement required for participation)

The Wheel (Navigator Discipleship Tool)

Chapter 1:  What is a Disciple?

Chapter 2:  The Disciple is a Learner

Chapter 3:  The Lordship of Jesus Christ

Chapter 4:  Purity of Life

Chapter 5:  Devotions and Prayer

Chapter 6:  The Importance of the Bible

Chapter 7:  The Primacy of Evangelism

Chapter 8:  The Church and the Body Life

Chapter 9:  Christian Fellowship

Chapter 10:  The Disciple is a Servant

Chapter 11:  The Ministry of Giving

Chapter 12:  The Fruit of the Spirit

We offer two options.  Use the 12 verses in Section D of the Topical Memory System (TMS) presented below or use the 12 verses developed to accompany the 12 sessions from the Essentials of Discipleship.  Click HERE for a doc offering these EOD verses. If you are ambitious, memorize both sets of verses or alternate between these two sets of verses as you proceed to train more disciple-making disciples.  There are so many benefits to this memory work.

Topical Memory System (TMS) – Categories & Verses

Below are the 12 verses from section D of the TMS (Be Christ’s Disciple) offered by the Navigators.  Either order a set of cards (Click HERE for the order form) or print each of the following on thick paper or even cardstock and cut into 2.75″ x 4.25″ cards.  Use only 4 cuts to produce 8 sets of cards.  Use one for yourself and the others to give to your trainees, family or friends to encourage memorization of God’s Word.  You will be doing them a great favor.  You will find all 60 verses in five sections in memory cards at Topical Memory System.


TMS D1 – Put Christ First for Chapter 1

TMS D2 – Put Christ First for Chapter 2

TMS D3 – Separate From the World for Chapter 3

TMS D4 – Separate From the World for Chapter 4

TMS D5 – Be Steadfast for Chapter 5

TMS D6 – Be Steadfast for Chapter 6

TMS D7 – Serve Others for Chapter 7

TMS D8 – Serve Others for Chapter 8

TMS D9 – Give Generously for Chapter 9

TMS D10 – Give Generously for Chapter 10

TMS D11 – Develop World Vision for Chapter 11

TMS D12 – Develop World Vision for Chapter 12

Click HERE for our TMS Order Form for our unique version of these memory cards (60 verses using NIV).

BibleMemory App

Personally,  I really enjoy the benefits of using The Bible Memory App.  Download it then search for the TMS (Navigators Topical Memory System).  There will be five sections (A-E) of 12 verses each.  This section above is Section D.  I encourage you to memorize the other verses after you master section D – Be Christ’s Disciple.   Thanks, Ron


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