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The main mission of Medical Mobilizers is to MENTOR those considering some kind of mission or ministry work but especially any who are engaged in medical mission work.  Since our focus is on mobilizing the resources needed while many other organizations are mobilizing the missionary, I am calling this Business Mentoring.  So the expected outcome is some FUNDING via our work with some  effective direct sales companies.  Presently, the main resource is STREAM which offers some web-based services, training  to achieve success.

Imagine being funded when customers pay their energy, mobile, protective and essential home services offered by Stream.

One goal is to “encourage and equip” Christians who are interested in medical missions.  We can help those who are new to ministry or medical missions or who focus on short term missions the most.   Most of those we can help have already taken the time to learn how to take the first step and but don’t have time to do extra research.  Most don’t have the funds to do multiple mission trips.  We can help individuals develop an ongoing residual income to be able to go work on a mission trip anytime they wish to do so in the future.  Our effective fundraiser can help organizations generate extra funds for their general budget or for specific budgeted needs.

Think about it –  customers who use Stream’s energy or cell phone services will continue to pay their bills whether the missionary is in the USA or on a mission trip.  Self funding is not necessarily the goal as it always helps to have a team of advisors, financial and prayer partners.  Lack of resources should not be the reason for keeping someone from going and telling  others in need the good news that Jesus Christ offers us Redemption and a “Greater Yes” (Salvation) eternally and here in this earthly life.

We network with many of the great organizations that are members of Medical Missions Network at

Specifically, any who are retired in medicine or dentistry can be of great value to us in Business Mentoring work that involves both “Coaching with Funding”.   With your help, together we can provide hope that goes beyond restored health in our physical lives.  That is the eternal hope that lasts beyond of short years here on earth.

You can help support Medical Mobilizers today with your essential home services.  Go to Ron’s Stream site at and switch your mobile phone plan to one of  Sprint plans.  Or those living in certain states (TX, GA, NY, NJ, MD, PA and DC) can support us by being a loyal energy  (electricity or natural gas) customer.  Click on our Save & Give page and use our affinity program ( to support our budget.  This is similar to the Amazon Smile Affinity Program.

We have an achievable goal and each of us can do something to make a difference.  Again, one of the roles I have had for many years is as a coach or counselor to encourage and equip medical missionaries especially those who are new to either short term or long term mission work.  For 30 years since being ordained in 1983, I have offered counsel and resources to  point others in the right direction with the right organization for success.

Click HERE for The Four Year Career – a valuable resource to help better understand the Stream Opportunity and the Direct Sales Industry.

As associates, we do R & R work. We Recommend our services at competitive prices which are almost always lower to a few customers and then we simply Recruit a few others to do the same.  Stream is #9 in the top ten list of the Direct Selling Association.

I am working on strengthening our donor based ministry until our funding programs develops.   The  initial goal is to recruit 20 new donors offering $50 per month.   One day, as this plan works, we will need only prayer partners. You can donate funds via our PayPal account on the Donate page. We are also taking donated vehicles to liquidate into operating cash for MM. I raise my support now as the director of MM and use my time to promote our mission while networking interested individuals for our services.

Candidates need to want to make money, be willing to work hard and be teachable!

Click HERE to see the Stream Associate Presentation Flyer for more details on the Stream Business Plan. Please contact me at 615-238-4035 to get more information or to get started with your own Stream Business.

I hope to hear from you soon. I need your referrals please. Let me show you our business plan. Together, we can “mobilize resources for medical missions and other ministries”.

If interested in learning more, please contact Ron at 615-238-4035 or email me at

In Christ,
Ron Lively, Founder / Executive Director